Several areas
  Truck drum forge with spa bath blower (far too powerful), plus variable speed controller. Blower in wooded insulated case under the work table behind. Seen her modifying a hammer.
Wrought iron gate - partially finished
Several aspects
  • 5mm x 30 mm frame is drilled - unable to heat rods satisfactorily to drive a punch through inboard from ends
  • 'dowels' - shoulders formed with jig containing two hardened blocks of tooling steel - then onto swage block
 Home made throatless shears as based on the 'Beverley Shear'.
  • Table from 25mm mild steel - oxyacetylene cut. Leave a 25mm square 'rod' such that the plate can be inserted into anvil hardy hole
  • grind down throat underneath
  • Mill a offset for the bottom blade
  • drill holes for adjustment screws
  • heat to red - then with sledge hammer to bend offset
  •  make blades from tooling steel - about 7mm thick - soften, drill screw holes (with offsets) in top blade and then re-harden + temper
  • Top jaw - 10mm steel with further 10mm steel welded at base (to support blade)
  • The handle was from shears I cannabalised